The story behind our Drb Bag


Since we have launched our On the Road collection, we have received a good number of messages and emails asking us about when our Drb bag will be released.


We always love to keep you guys in the loop of what’s happening in the design process and production process, we really want to be as transparent as possible. We are here today to let you know the story behind our drb bag, the adversities we faced as a brand and why it took us so long to produce. With every collection we release, we are aiming to make our products more sustainable and eco-friendly.


We produce our products in small batches, to reduce our carbon footprint as a brand. - In addition to that, despite how much we love a good packaging, we are actively searching and challenging ourselves to look for different ways to reduce our package waste.


If the packaging somehow doesn’t fall into the standards we are trying to uphold, we ensure that, at the very least, the package we curate can be reused and recycled (as storage bags, etc.)


When designing this bag we were met with many limitations, we started off with recycled hardware, recycled Water Base Polyurethanes, materials  that are Non - FMFA, No organotin, Non-Phthalates,  Non- Azo dyes, Non - APEO. We were aiming so high to ensure that the product we were making is better than our previous bag, with 10x better the quality and most importantly, that it wouldn’t harm our environment.


However, as a small brand, we were met with lots of adversities. Our biggest challenge was if we were to produce with these standards, we had to produce an extremely large number of product.  As a small regional brand, it sounded super unrealistic and it would have taken an immense toll on the brand.


However, After continually negotiating back and forth with our production company, we managed to meet in the middle, where our vision is not tampered and the product can still be delivered.


We spent months ensuring that we can  deliver a highly demanded product to our customers, and actively looked for alternatives that match up with our vision. We still opted for Recycled materials and decided to go for a small batch.

The main reason as to why this bag is put for pre-order, is because our Drb bag is still under production, as the process of producing this bag specifically requires an intricate process; using natural dyes, non-toxic materials, etc. It is a long procedure to produce each and every piece of our Drb bag. We want to make sure everyone that anyone who had their eye on this bag, will be able to secure a piece for themselves before hand.

 We are producing a very small quantity of this bag and it still going to be taking some time before it arrives at our office space. We are aiming to ship all orders by End  of May - Mid June.

 Everyone who places an order, will be kept in the loop of the production process.

 Here is our product description:


 Materials: ECO-PU LEATHER

Lining: Recycled Polyester



 Size (cm):

L29* W6* H16.5

 Long strap: Yes

 Pocket: 2





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