About Us

Lahjtna is a streetwear brand curated by Aisha Abdulaziz in 2018. It mainly addresses societal topics & culture, specifically in the MENA region, in a light-hearted and lively way. Using common dialects, culture and inherited ideologies to address certain topics with every collection. There are lots of hidden symbolism, satire and irony in the work produced by Lahjtna but most importantly, the brand focuses on shedding light on important topics.

Lahjtna currently sells its products through various platforms in the MENA region including but not limited to; Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Bahrain. With the steady expansion of Lahjtna in the past two years, the brand recently gained international exposure; many of Lahjtna’s customers reside in United States & United Kingdom. Check out where to find us at the bottom of our page, to find out where you can find Lahjtna.